Friday, June 7, 2013

Day 7: 30 Day Story Challenge: The D Draft Day.

Expect The First Draft To Be a D+

I imagine that you, the reader, are like me. Ambitious about a creative project. Lacking enough experience initially. Determined. Realizing, with effort, that the task (the initial stages are a job) requires skill acquired with practice.

Expect the first draft to earn you a D and work up from there. This is great advice given to me by a client yesterday when I finished my description of the progress of this story challenge by confessing that I could taste the fear in my mouth. She has managed many team projects.

Frank Zappa's Rules For Success
1. Give it all you've got. 
2. Keep going.
3. Don't stop. 

More learning, more practice, more patience, more vision, and more effort are all required. Otherwise there is only despair. 

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