Thursday, June 6, 2013

Day 6: 30 Day Story Challenge. Time To Make Some Decisions

The drawing on the left is the first drawing of an Irish wolfhound that I drew a year ago, 
the drawing on the right was drawn June 2013. See! There has been some improvement.

Even though the title of this post is Day 6, it is actually the 11th day since my story challenge began. The project would seem to be faltering. 

A lot has been happening behind the scenes here, but none of it has been hugely productive, yet. Originally I thought this project journal would simply be daily drawing and writing as I developed the character and the story, and I suppose that is still my goal. It is a delicate time in my development, however.  I must remember that I am learning and to give myself a chance. I am taking the time to learn about the basics of storytelling. 

The project is off to a creaky start, but I am confident it will build momentum as I figure things out, practice writing and drawing, develop skills, and with dedication and focus - apply myself; certainly the purpose of the challenge..


To meet the goal of this challenge: to write, illustrate, and self-publish a Séamus story, I have decided that this story will be about a day in the life of my grandson, Matthew. Great adventures can start right in your own backyard. What happens when Séamus comes to play? 

So back to the drawing board... 

I'm looking forward to the next challenge: A 30 day intensive abdomen-strengthening, self-improvement project. It's going to be a cakewalk after this.

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