Monday, February 20, 2017

The Hardest Course in The World

story, videos, and photos 
by guest blogger, Matthew Isaak 

Hello and welcome to the Beliveau Race The Clock obstacle course! I am Matthew Isaak, your event host. This year there is a Pokémon, Pikachu driving a fierce Shelby Cobra. This car is a good choice because it is fast and can drift without losing control around the corners. The race officials said that Pikachu will go last. But, on with the race! 

The first contestant is Carter Epps in a '71 Maverick Grabber. And he's off! On the second corner he spins out. Big mistake! He needs to regain his lost time. 

One by one, the racers take their turns on the course. Soon it is Pikachu's turn to go. He has chosen the hardest course in the world as his first race, but he's had a lot of practice.

What a race! What a finish! Now they just need to calculate Pikachu's time. 

The winning time is ... 1.19.00: Pikachu - a fraction of a second ahead of Carter Epps in second place with a time of: 1.19.11!  

Pikachu is the winner!

Matthew's Artisan 
Machu Pikachu Peanuts
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Thatcher's caramel cashew popcorn 
Bassé seaweed peanuts
Prana Machu Pichu Nuts & Fruit Mix: 
almonds - Brazil nuts - White Mulberries  
Golden berries - Pepitas -  Goji berries - raisins


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  1. Dear Matthew,
    I am sorry that no one has thought to leave you a comment on your excellent story - video - food blog. I look forward to our upcoming , third story blog: The Antikythera Mechanism and What Would Percy Jackson Eat? Dinner and a Story Blog!

    Muchly love,, herself,, Gramsy


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