Sunday, March 30, 2014

My Matchmaker

I have been practicing writing dialogue. This is a conversation with my grandson, Matthew. We were having a sleepover.

Matthew and I - Hallowe'en 2013.
Matthew is Buzz Lightyear. I'm Harry Potter. 
Regardum Leviosa!

The next morning he was awake at 5 am and came quietly into my bedroom to ask the time since I had removed his clock from the room in fear that it would wake him too early. 

"Oh no, it's too early to wake up," I informed him. "Cuddle in here and we'll sleep some more." Seconds later I could sense by his stillness that his eyes were open, and he perked up when I opened mine. 

"I know just what you need," he told me with satisfaction, having given the matter some consideration.

"What do I need?" I queried.

"You need a husband, so you won't be alone."

Oh, no, no, no, no, no." I said to him, "that won't be happening." 

In the ensuing silence, I searched for diplomacy, while Matthew sorted through his confusion for some kind of understanding.

Deciding on a direct approach: "why not?"

"Because I've given good time and effort to that already. It didn't work for me. I'm not interested in doing that now. I have big plans for myself," I replied, taking the honest route to an answer. 

"Because I want to ride camels in the Sahara desert with you when you're a teenager

and I'm not lonely," I reassured Matthew.

This seemed to satisfy him and we let the topic rest, for now.

To infinity and beyond!

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