Monday, July 8, 2013

When We're Together, It's A Party.

Things happen fast with a four year old boy. When Matthew suggests that we play,  I know to jump into action immediately.

Hey! dum diddlee dum,
Hey, dum diddlee dum,
Hey, dum diddlee,
Hey, dum diddlee, 
Hey! dum diddlee dum. 

Everyone gather round,
With a hey, dum diddlee dum.
Cause we've just found,
This brand new sound, 
It's a hey! Dum diddlee dum.
- Matthew's first ukelale song

We invent games, songs, and language together on the fly.

Matthew leaves a sparkly trail behind him and my world is brighter and sweeter.

(Note: Those are my eye glasses.)

Grandmother and Grandson. 
A very special relationship.

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