Monday, July 25, 2011

An Introduction

Séamus McManus is an Irish Wolfhound, who loves drinking tea as the title suggests. A little cream, no sugar, thank you. Extra smokey Lapsang Souchong preferably, with little smackerels please. One day Seamus drinks coffee by mistake, gets a belly ache, lies down, falls asleep and has a nightmare where he is chased by riddle-telling cats in Fez, Morocco. Seamus must solve the riddles and find his way around Fez. His character is sorely tested before his adventure can end happily.

Stay tuned for this story and the many more worldly adventures of Séamus with illustrations by the author, Fionnbharr Ó Flannagáin. 

Séamus may have some unusual adventures for a dog, but the real magic in these stories is dog magic...

"An eye of sloe, with ear not low,
With horse's breast, with depth of chest,
With breadth of loin, and curve in groin,
And nape set far behind the head -
Such were the dogs that Fingal bred."
Translated from the Irish

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  1. Looking forward to the full story of Seamus! Perhaps Matthew and I will have a new bedtime favourite!!


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